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Prepare For FE / EIT CBT Exam 2014
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As many students know, starting January 2014 the FE / EIT exam will become CBT. With this transition the exam will be reduced to a 6-hour exam comprised of 110 questions. The EITExperts have been working with NCEES to understand how this affects our students.

Since our initial meeting with the NCEES in January of 2011, we have been gathering information so that we can continue to provide our students with the best material to ensure their success. As we rolled into 2013, we have been developing our new review course for the FE CBT exam and are proud to announce the following changes to better suit your needs.
  • An updated calculator lecture and workshop.
  • Our lectures will provide you with the necessary bookmarks for the NCEES reference manuals. So you can quickly find key points and equations you need for the exam.
  • Greater emphasis on conceptual problems and how to answer questions without solving them.
  • Simulated exams that are closely related to the CBT Exam.
  • Our lectures will have more emphasis on common errors students may make during the exam.
  • We will continually update our recorded lectures to stay in sync with the NCEES.
We Guarantee that you pass the FE / EIT exam or 100% of your money will be returned!
Passing Rate = 92%
What Our Students Say:
  • I passed the EIT. Your class was great. I graduated in 2001 BSME and needed the extensive review. When I left the exam I had no doubt I had passed. Thank you! "Bruno.B"

  • Thank you very much for such a well organized class and all your effort. I passed the EIT spring 2013 exam. "Ros.B"

  • I can't find enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation. I'm so glad that I decided to attend your Webinar class, which helped me to pass the EIT/FE test from the first trial (considering that I was away from school for 10 years) It definitely worth every single second. I will certainly recommend your Webinar class to whoever wants to take a supplementary class for the EIT/FE test. Keep up the good work. "Fadi.A"

  • Thank you again for your review course. With your assistance I was able to pass the FE exam, this was made possible from your extensive review course. I'm 38 years old and only had about a year or so college experience only completing some general education classes and never receiving a degree. My current work keeps me engaged with engineering type work but I was able to work hard using your course and reviewing your material to give me the confidence to pass the test. I was very glad to have passed this test to put this behind me and now look forward to taking the PE test.Thank you again for all your help! "Steve.S"

  • I passed the EIT/FE exam. Thank you for all your patience and answering "naive" questions. I have recommended EIT Experts webinar class to all my friends. "Jeni.K"

  • Passed the Exam. I am certain that the lectures contributed to my success on the exam. This was my third time taking the exam and I was getting very discouraged. But after going through all of the lectures, practice problems, and exams I went into the exam with a high level of confidence and was able to fly through the exam. I will pass on my great experience with The EIT experts. "Chad.G"

  • I would like to thank you Prof Jahanian and Dara. You both were a great team!
    My money I invested in your teaching was worth it. I would recommend the refresher
    course to anyone. I felt that you were guiding me during the exam. So I feel good and
    Thank you very much. "Jennifer.B"

  • Keep up the great job. This was a great class a bit intense but great class."Adam.b"

  • I wanted to let you know that I thought your class was very instrumental in my pass the
    EIT exam last April. I had been out of college for some time and your program was very
    efficient.Thank you for your efforts and continue your program with knowledge that you are
    making a difference in the lives of so many people. My only wish is that you offer a PE course
    with the same caliber of training. There is a very great demand for a quality program I have
    taken two course since my EIT Exam and none would compare to the EIT course. If you
    could recommend a course for preparation for the PE I would appreciate it.Thank you again,"David.G"

  • I'm very grateful for the effort and time that you spend explaining all the material. After 5 tries,
    I was loosing hope in passing the exam. What helped me is the doing problems,
    solving techniques video, and 9 day course in the end. Thank you! I passed!"Andrey.Y"

  • Dear EITExperts, I passed my EIT exam in October! Thank you for all the lectures and
    practice problems! I think the advice that helped me the most was, "Your weaknesses are
    your strengths." By doing the steps that were involved with this idea I was able to take the
    time to focus on my strengths and only spend a few minutes on my weakest subjects and
    earn the pass! Thanks again!!!"Shannon.J"

  • I think the classes that you offer are the best tool available to prepare for the FE exam,
    I would recommend this class to anybody who really wants to pass. I think any student
    that takes your class, if they put some effort into it, they can pass. You explain the materials in
    a way extremely easy to understand. I have to say that I have understood some concepts that
    I took 15 years ago in college and did not understand back then. Considering I have been
    out of school for 14 years and that English is not my native language, I can say, I am confident
    I would have not been able to pass the test without your help. Thank you for your help.
    Thanks again, "Susana, Southaven, MS"

  • You give us all the things that we need. Your effort was unparalleled to what other review
    center taught. I will not forget you professor. I passed the FE-EIT EXAMINATION that
    was given last April 09, 2011."Jennifer Crittenden, Baltimore, MD"

    Thank you very much for your extensive EIT prepclass. After taking the class I breezed
    through the EIT exam. I was well prepared. The lectures, bonus problems, weekly quizzes,
    midterm and final exams were a huge help since I have been out of college for over 14-years.
    Studying smart and not hard paid off since I had to juggle a full time job while studying for
    the exam."David,New York, NY"

  • To make it short and sweet, I learned and understood in your class what I did not learn
    and did not understand in four years of engineering school (I graduated more than 10 years ago).
    The strategies, the hard-to-grasp concepts made easy, and the Calculator tutorial were key in
    making this endeavor successful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"Alyse Wheeler, Mount Laurel, NJ"

  • I just want to share with you my happiness on my success on the test. Your EIT Sample Exam
    helped me a lot to know what to focus on and how to study. Thank you so much."Derek, Philadelphia, PA"

  • I graduated 11 years ago and without your EIT Preparation Material, I wouldn't have been
    able to pass the EIT test. Your Fundamentals of Engineering exam book prepared me and
    taught me everything I needed for the exam."Philip, Phoenix, AZ"

  • The online FE prep course is a futuristic approach of preparing for the FE exam.
    Hope EITexperts will remain in this business for a long time. "Lisa Marie, Seattle, WA

  • The overall focus within each subject, and in particular the exam taking strategies
    taught in this class is very helpful in preparing me for the FE exam. "Paul Venzor, Glendale, CA"

  • Thanks for the excellent EIT review course!! I couldn't have done it without you guys."Fred, Houston Texas"

  • I have successfully passed the EIT exam! I want to say thanks for putting on such a great EIT review
    class and thank you for helping me pass."Mark, Miami, FL"

  • I think video format on how to use the calculator is excellent because it make it
    much easier to learn than reading some text instructions. As they say a picture worth
    a thousand words, and I say a video may worth a million words."Juan, Chicago, IL"

  • I received a passing score on the FE exam. Your eit online prep course was very instrumental in
    me being able to pass this exam."Tim, Houston, TX"

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