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FE Civil Review Courses

(Live & On-demand)
Prepare for FE Civil exam (AITs)

FE Live and On Demand Civil Review
We came up with a new product to help our students to pass their exam on their first try. As you know in a live class, students present with different educational background which causes some difficulties because the students who were out of the school for many years need more time to study and review compared to the one who are still students or graduated recently.
As a result, we created a new package to help our students with different educational backgrounds. In this package you will receive recorded videos of lectures, so you can study on your own pace and spend as much time as you need in different subjects. However, you may schedule a one on one tutoring anytime you need help to clear out the concepts. In this way you always have someone to talk through hard to understand problems and concepts which is one of the most powerful tools you can have for passing the exam. In addition, our new group study helps you to have live interaction with your class mate. Our program is prepared in such way to help you improve your study skills, enhance your learning capability, and improve your confidence. You can start your studies as soon as you registered. You have access to all materials and videos, and you can watch them at any time, and any place as many times as you wish. We Guarantee that you will pass the exam, or you can repeat for free. Once you purchase the program We are with you until you PASS!
  • We teach you how to manage your time during studying and while taking the exam
  • Fully get familiar with NCEES ref.manual and calculator, two power tools in the exam
  • We teach assuming you have been out of school for several years or have not taken some of the required FE courses
  • In all lectures different innovative teaching techniques is used to enhance the learning capability of students
  • Our instructors provide extensive materials of the topics presented on the FE civil exam.
  • You can start studying immediately on your own schedule.

The package includes :
  • +73 hours Recorded of Lectures and Workshops based on new NCEES reference manual and exam specifications.
  • +90 Practice Problems with Step by Step Solutions for each topic (more than 1100 problems)
  • Problem Solving Techniques, several selected problems which have higher chance of being on the FE exam solved step by step by instructors.
  • Pre - FE ( to help refresh your basic materials )  
  • Calculator Learning Video
  • Strategy for Studying & Taking Exam
  • Quiz after each topic
  • Two 6 hours ,Full-length, Practice exams which simulate the actual new style FE Civil exam
  • Recommended schedule and study guide for any background
  • Access to PDF format of Lectures
  • Answer to your question at any time before you walk into the exam by email, phone or live!
  • One-on-One Tutoring ( If you have questions at anytime you can setup tutoring session )
  • Free Repeat, We guarantee you pass or you can repeat for free
Topics Covered in the Course
  • Mathematics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Engineering Economy
  • Statics
  • Dynamics
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Materials
  • Construction
  • Surveying
  • Hydraulics and Hydrologic Systems
  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural Design
  • Computational Tools
  • Ethics and Professional Practice
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$900  $600
(end Dec 26th)
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What Our Students Say:
  • I want to personally thank you for setting up this online review course specifically for the FE civil Exam. I've taken the FE exam 3 times in the past, became extremely frustrated, pressured, and nearly lost all hope on pursuing this exam for the future. This is when I researched heavily online and peers highly recommended signing up for your website. I registered for the Extensive Review and it was worth every penny, especially the calculator section and strategies on how to pass the exam. Took the recent FE in October for the 4th time and finally received a passing result. I didn't have to study everyday, due to your "study smart, not hard." I dedicated 3-4 weekdays and 1 day of the weekend for approx. 3 months, mainly focusing on the critical topics, mathematics, statics, dynamics, fluids, and economics, while touching up on other topics to ensure that I have a basic understanding. As a result, I feel extremely confident that I can take what I learned from your FE review course and utilize it for the PE exam next year. Thanks for creating a powerful source for those who graduated a few years back and need to re-learn and refresh on the topics."Brandon.C"

  • Thank you again for your review course. With your assistance I was able to pass the FE ce exam, this was made possible from your extensive review course. I'm 38 years old and only had about a year or so college experience only completing some general education classes and never receiving a degree. My current work keeps me engaged with engineering type work but I was able to work hard using your course and reviewing your material to give me the confidence to pass the test. I was very glad to have passed this test to put this behind me and now look forward to taking the PE test. Thank you again for all your help! "Steve.S"

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