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Prepare in 9 days
Independent Study (OnDemand - Recorded Videos)
FE Other disciplines CBT exam
  The package includes :
  • Lecturing of topics with 80% or higher chance of being on the exam.
  • Key Points (the summary of the most important parts of each subject in 1-3 lines)
  • Problem Solving Techniques, Several selected problems are solved and video taped
  • Exam after each topic which help you to challenge yourself and find your weakness and strength.
  • Calculator Learning Video
  • In all problems different innovative teaching techniques is used to explain the concepts.
  • 99 selected calculator problems are solved step by step and video taped.
  • All lectures are designed based on NCEES reference manual (CBT).
  • All lectures are in power point presentation
  • Access to PDF format of our Lectures.
  • Tips to quickly and effectively solve problems on the exam.
  • You may watch the lectures as many times as you wish.
   The following topics are offered in this course
  • Mathematics 
  • Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics of Gases 
  • Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics of Liquids 
  • Heat, Mass, and Energy Transfer 
  • Electricity, Power, and Magnetism 
  • Engineering Economy 
  • Statics 
  • Dynamics 
  • Chemistry 
  • Probability and Statistics 
  • Strength of Materials 
  • Material Science 
  • Calculator CASIO fx-115ES Plus

Our Quick Review is self-study FE review course. You can study as soon as you purchased the course in your own pace. You have access to all materials and videos, and you can watch them at any time, and any place you wish. You will have 90 days (3 months) of access to your course.
General Review # Type Time Price Special Price
(Save $150)
32125 On-Demand
Self-Paced $450 $300
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