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What Our Students Say :
  • It's with great pleasure that I announce to you guys that I passed the CBT EIT test for discipline of Civil. I believe that I couldn't have done it without taking your webinar class. The fe review class which you offered was very helpful. In particular I really liked the way that you refer to NCEES ref manual for every single formula.” Fred,F”

  • I passed the EIT. Your class was great. I graduated in 2001 BSME and needed the extensive review. When I left the exam I had no doubt I had passed. Thank you! "Bruno.B"

  • Thank you very much for such a well organized class and all your effort. I passed the EIT spring 2015 exam. "Ros.B"

  • Dear EITExperts, I passed my FE exam in discipline of civil. I got the results last yesterday. Thank you for all the lectures and practice problems! I think the advice that helped me the most was, "Your weaknesses are your strengths." By doing the steps that were involved with this idea I was able to take the time to focus on my strengths and only spend a few minutes on my weakest subjects and earn the pass! Thanks again!!!"Hong,S"

  • I just want to let you know that I purchased your extensive fe cbt review and followed the 1-month plan and passed the fe cbt test! Thank you! "Charl.W"

  • I purchased the Other Disciplines Extensive Review and passed the FE on the first try. I have been out of college 14 years now and am required to obtain my P.E  for work. This review was extremely helpful and the study materials were spot on. The extensive number of problems and solutions was a tremendous help, as was the online lectures to help refresh the things I learned many years ago. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to pass the FE. Just wanted to send a quick "Thank You" for your help. "Jason.S"

  • I got the results of my CBT FE exam today. I passed. I must honestly say 80% of questions in the exam were easier than yours and the rest were at the same level as yours. Thank you for such a good class. "Adam,W"

  • I think the classes that you offer are the best tool available to prepare for the FE exam, I would recommend this class to anybody who really wants to pass. I think any student that takes your class, if they put some effort into it, they can pass. You explain the materials in a way extremely easy to understand. I have to say that I have understood some concepts that I took 15 years ago in college and did not understand back then. Considering I have been out of school for 14 years and that English is not my native language, I can say, I am confident I would have not been able to pass the test without your help. Thank you for your help. Thanks again, "Stella,D"

  • Hi,I am writing to let you know that I have taken and Passed my EIT Exam. The helped me tremendously for the exam. The specific topic that the lecture focus on are what was presented in the exam. The course is not cheap but It was worth it. Thank for extending my account when ever I requested it.Thanks,"Joel.P"

  • I passed the EIT/FE exam. Thank you for all your patience and answering "naive" questions. I have recommended EIT Experts webinar class to all my friends. "Jeni.K"

  • The online FE prep course is a futuristic approach of preparing for the FE exam. Hope EITexperts will remain in this business for a long time." Lisa,M"

  • The overall focus within each subject, and in particular the exam taking strategies taught in this class is very helpful in preparing me for the FE exam."Paul,Venzor"

  • I passed. I believe your program is the best FE review class in the market."Christopher,S"

  • Thank you Dr. Jahanian, Dara, Anahita and other staffs, of EITEXPERTS. I like to
    sincerely thank you for such a wonderful FE Exam Preparation course.

  • I pass the exam on my first attempt despite being out of engineering school for a few years. EITEXPERTS has the most effective EIT preparation course. Thank you for everything.”Susan, S"

  • Thanks to EITEXPERTS for helping me passing the fe exam from the first try. This is the most successful FE Exam Preparation course."Mohamad, B"

  • I want to thank you for helping me prepare for CBT FE Test, discipline of civil. I took your webinar class. I took the exam and today I received my results and I passed! Thank you for such a wonderful class.” Monica,S”

  • I can say that, its all very helpful for the students the way you teach/approach for solving the problems, specially the presentation for the review materials with different colors so that it's easy to understand and easy to remember, also the calculator techniques its very very helpful specially in mathematics "Arsenio,L"

  • Excellent course. I first took the EIT and studied off a book, but failed the exam. I majored in Electrical Engineering 7 years ago, never took a class in thermodynamics, statics, dynamics, or strength of materials. These were all new subjects for me. Never less, I studied for 3 hours a day for 3 months by watching your videos, and passed the EIT exam the second time (Oct 2012). Great class."Jason.C"

  • I passed the test and I attribute my passing to your classes!! Calculator Course was EXCELLENT, if I didn't have the calculator I don't think I would have passed. Electricity course was by far the best. The professor for Electricity was patient, kind, and willing to go over the material efficiently and made it understandable. I enjoyed your course, and maybe you could do a course for the PE."Mary.E"

  • You did a wonderful job. I understand the thermo and fluid concepts better than I ever did. Everything you taught in material science was on the exam. Your review course was awesome. "Lourdes.O"

  • I am happy to have taken this course. This course helped me out more then I expected it to. this is a great class. Thank you. "Robert.H"

  • Thank you very much, I only studied for 3 month for 6-8 hr per day, I write down every single comment you said,I was really lucky to find your advertisement on you tube, I was enjoin the examples, they make it very easy to understand, remember and love then enjoy the class, your example especially in the math , when giving physical example for the equation or the subject were very useful for me to imagine, like the chimney for the equation of Parabola ..etc, it was difficult for me to imagine equations and understand them with out such examples. I just write about the math, but the other were useful too. I spend couple hundred dollar, but the out come is worth much much more. Also your technique for looking for the answers and eliminates the wrongs one , where very useful.Thanks EIT TEAM."Mohammed, Monaca, PA"

  • I purchased your online review series and found it very helpful. I appreciated the material being broken down and presented in a clear and concise manner that I could easily understand. I simply watched the respective videos of the areas I felt I was weakest in and from that I was able to gain the insight needed to be able to solve the problems quickly and with confidence." John, New York, NY"

  • I took the recorded version of your course and passed the October FE exam 20 years out of college." Christina, Chicago, IL"

  • I had purchased the video option from you, but after a while I decided to just do problems over and over again. I think your recommendation and instruction on how to use the calculator was worth the price of the videos in itself. This saved me a lot of time. Furthermore, knowing the reference manual made test day much easier too. I took the General in the afternoon, and I found the afternoon easier than the morning. Thanks for your help."Jasmin, Philadelphia, PA"

  • Thank you for your EIT Review Course. I think it was the only factor which helped me pass the test, regarding the fact that I graduated 10 years ago."Rosemary, Boston, MA"

  • Your EIT Preparation Material was really different and I learned all the necessary information during your course. I will definitely recommend you to any one who wants to pass the test with success."Abdolvahab, Southaven,MS"

  • I recommend your EIT Review Course to anyone who is going to take EIT exam. After being out of school for 8 years, I could not have passed this test without your help."Samir, Phoenix, AZ"

  • I PASSED the FE Exam this past April 2010. The FE Exam preparation course with EITEXPERTS is very well-oriented to this FE exam. I had taken other EIT review classes in the past and EITEXPERTS is by far the most focussed EIT review course."Akbar,B"